Climate Proof Cities

How to make cities climate proof? This research programme aims at "strengthening the adaptive capacity and reducing the vulnerability of the urban system against climate change and to develop strategies and policy instruments for adapting our cities and buildings". To reach this aim, the Consortium addressed the following questions:

  • How will climate change influence Dutch cities, and how and to which extent do cities affect the local climate themselves?
  • How vulnerable are Dutch cities for climate change, and what will be the impacts?
  • Which measures and strategies are available to improve the adaptive capacity of cities?
  • How to implement these measures in urban areas?
  • What will be the balance of urgency, costs and benefits?

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Case Studies Map


Work Packages

Within our research programme we have defined five work packages (WP's).

  • WP1: Urban Climate System
  • WP2: Sensitivity, Vulnerability and Impacts  
  • WP3: Adaptation measures and strategies
  • WP4: Governance and adaptive capacity in cities and metropolitan areas
  • WP5: Integration


Consortium leader

Ronald Albers, MSc. MPA (TNO)

Vera Rovers
+31 88 8664245

Peter Bosch, MSc.
+31 88 8662150 

Princetonlaan 6
3584 CB Utrecht

The consortium partners

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Foreign research partners

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