City climate

Cities are dynamic places where people live and work in close proximity. Cities are sensitive to the consequences of climate change: floods, drought and heat waves. By adapting buildings, public spaces and water systems Dutch cities remain pleasant places to live.

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Knowledge for Climate studied the theme city climate from 2007 – 2014 within the consortium Climate Proof Cities. Besides that the foundation Climate Adaptation Services (CAS) developed Spatial Adaptation Knowledge Portal, which supports the delta decisions on spatial adaptation.

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KfC TV: For a better climate city

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Heat stress in Rotterdam

Heat stress is a serious problem that is often underestimated. The heat wave during the summer of 2003 caused 1.400 – 2.000 heat related deaths in the Netherlands. Rotterdam wants to adapt to climate change, for example decreasing the Urban Heat Island Effect, heat stress and it’s consequences. Read more.

Knowledge for Climate TV: Heat and the elderly

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