Hotspots and Themes


The research programme Knowledge for Climate developed scientific and applied knowledge needed for climate proofing the Netherlands.

The research focused on specific locations in the Netherlands which were particularly vulnerable to the consequences of climate change. These locations were called Hotspots and functioned as real life laboraties where knowledge was put into practice. In the Hotspots mixed teams of policy makers, businesses and scientists worked together.

      1. Wadden Sea
      2. Shallow waters and peat meadow areas
      3. Schiphol Mainport
      4. Haaglanden region
      5. Rotterdam region
      6. Major rivers
      7. Dry rural areas
      8. South-West Netherlands Delta


Knowledge for Climate did not just simply carry out applied research. It also developed scientific knowledge within eight research themes. Within these themes scientists focused on research on climate proofing the Netherlands.

Some themes focused more on fundamental issues, such as climate proof flood risk management, others focused on governance and decision support tools for policy makers.

Research topics were appointed in dialogue with the stakeholders from the Hotspots. International teams of scientists carried out the research and gave feedback to the Hotspots.


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