Instruments for policy making

Climate change poses an interesting challenge for policy makers: the climate is changing but the exact timing and dimensions are unclear. Much is known about the consequences of climate change for spatial planning, water safety and health, but at the same time much is uncertain. What is a sound adaptation strategy and how do we develop it? Which instruments can we use?


The Knowledge for Climate programme (2007 – 2014) developed instruments to look closely at the consequences of climate change, develop adaptation strategies and tools to optimize adaptation options and choose the best possible solution.

3Di Water management

The research programme 3Di Water management aims at really fast and accurate calculations of water issues and a realistic visualization of the results in 3D stereo.

The new instrument for water management can be applied broadly for operational management, support at calamities, water system analysis and spatial planning. 3Di aims also at non-technical staff that should be able to use the instruments, such as designers that want to test their spatial design for effectivity.

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Hotspots and Stakeholders

Adjacent project

Climate Adaptation Services

Climate Adaptation Services (CAS) offers several products and services that help anticipate the consequences of climate change. It helps policy makers, directors and professionals with:

  • Gaining insights in (local) climate effects
    Formulate measures that help climate proofing an area
    Evaluate the effectivity of measures

More information on the website

CAS is asked by Knowledge for Climate and the Delta programme to develop the Spatial Adaptation Knowledge Portal. The website offers instruments and examples to make it easier to prepare adaptation strategies and measures. See

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